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Patel Grocers

Enhance Workforce Engagement Through
Mobile-First Learning

Patel Grocers is a technology powered home delivery service. Patel Grocers is a business asked by community, built by community and serving the community! Adding comfort to your life is our motto. We provide solution to your weekly time consuming problem like grocery shopping, laundry pickup & delivery. While launching the business, we deliver grocery, fresh food, fresh vegetables and fresh cut meat at your doorstep, 365 days a year rain or shine

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Pressbook is to show, share, discover and find inspiration.

A press book is a collection of works and communications used to represent and usually associated with creative professionals. pressbook.com is currently in beta version, we’d be happy get your input, send us an email (formular) Pressbook is to show, share, discover and find inspiration. Pressbook allows creatives to present themselvesthrough their own visual universe on an innovative platform where professionals and industries are interlaced – creative forces connect.

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Puzzled by the question, Kinephonics founder Anna Gill searched for the answer outside of the box.

Kinephonics® educational software is specifically designed to accelerate speech & language development. Whether a student is learning to speak, write, read or spell in English or a foreign language, the Kinephonics® process delivers fast and effective results. Students and educators get started by creating a series of video clips with subtitles. Just like a newsreader, they can present information about a subject of their choice. They can also choose to speak with a new accent or translate their ideas into a foreign language.

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Web based product for managing all aspects
of an off grid communication attachment for smartphones.

Brash technologies at a very short notice was able put a team in place to help the CrcBet team create a web based betting platform. Our team at Brash technologies was instrumental in helping CrcBet innovate - we took a concept and created it into a product.