Case Study Ottawa Hospital

The Ottawa Hospital

Video based training and evaluation process automation for surgeons.

Ottawa Hospital needed a solution that would streamilne the arduous process of evaluating performance of doctors and surgeons that worked in their organization. Videos of each and every procedure are recorded for future reference and to catch errors and mistakes. These videos need to be sent to the assigned specialists for evaluation who should be able to point out mistakes easily and score the surgeons based on performance.

Brash technologies Group created a novel solution completely automating the process with the added benifits of analytics and instant reports.



Brash technologies Group automated the training process by creating an iPad based training and evaluation tool. The application would allow surgery videos to be automatically be assigned to the appropriate evaluator who would then eveluate the video and pint out mistakes directly in the video itself, using video and audio commenting as well as the ability to draw on the videos themselves. The app was backed by a web based portal that would allow the hospital admin to maintain the users profiles and evaluation records for quick access and generate reports.


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